The 2020 litter is on it’s way!

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Thank you for visiting our Puppies for Sale Page.  Lilac is again growing a litter for us, and is due Thanksgiving Weekend 2020! It’s about time we have something really exciting to look forward to, besides 2020 being OVER! 🙂

Let’s close 2020 with your new forever friend and working partner! Dam Lilac is a trim, fast, lovable and responsive dog, very eager to please and a quick learner.  She will work all day and come home ready to settle in with the youngest of her human family. OFA elbows normal/hips excellent gave us confidence in breeding her. Lilac lives on a 4 acre farm in Southern Oregon. She has no inclination to agitate the other livestock or fowl, but pays attention to her human companion until released. Sire “Thornwood’s Striker” is an English Labrador Champion, with blocky build and strong features. Together, they have already produced a beautiful litter of puppies which have turned out to be truly beautiful and intelligent dogs, living their lives in the field, the show ring or…. the sofa!

Thornwood’s Prepared to Dazzle “Striking”

x Lilac of the Rogue

Starting at $1500, reserve yours now! $500.00

Lilac of the Rogue out of Rogue Rivers Tuckered Texan x Lily of the Rogue.

We have wait list for this litter. Make a date to come play with the puppies and find your new best friend and hunting companion! COVID precautions and social distancing rules apply.

Prior to pick up, your puppy will have routine worming, physical exam, age appropriate vaccinations, dew claws removed, AKC registration and ID chip. A kennel blanket and toy will accompany them to their new home. Delivery outside of Oregon negotiable.

Puppies start at $1500 with a $200 deposit to hold them. Payment due and cleared prior to pick up or delivery.

PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, ApplePay and traditional payment methods accepted.


22 Replies to “The 2020 litter is on it’s way!”

  1. Your puppies are simply gorgeous. Are the Dam and Sire hunting dogs? We live in Sacramento and would be very interested in a male. Kelli

  2. Hello! We are looking for a male! We have a black lab and a black lab/Aussie mix. We said goodbye to our third last year and have decided to look into adding a new love. Can you tell me about the males you have left? Personality differences? We are in Reno but will be traveling to Bend OR next week.

  3. Greetings,
    I am possibly interested in your pups. We have 2 golden retrievers one 8 and one 10 and are interested in adding to the family before our 10 year old passes (she is currently healthy). We own a 20 acre horse ranch and we do have chickens (as egg producing pets who free roam during the day. We have trained our dogs not to bother them.
    We are not interested nor will need to train the dogs for hunting just home and ranch companions. They will live inside our home with us.
    Initially we were thinking of pups that will be 60 pounds or less as adults – but are open to bigger as yours will be.

  4. Our Mazie is the most delightful dog! She is incredibly smart, she has been house trained in one week, she either taps on the sliding glass door or sits patiently there waiting to go out. She sits politely while waiting for her food to be served and permission from us. Mazie is already retrieving, it is just her natural instinct. She is such a joy and so eager to please!

  5. Please keep me posted on the Valentine’s Day sale and if both of your puppies are still available? A friend, who lives down the street, and I are looking for litter mate puppies to raise in close proximity. Thank you!

    1. We currently have 4 male puppies available. We have several people interested. When a deposit of $200 is made we will hold a puppy.

    2. Hi Kera! Here is your update (and I’ll email you, too!) We still have 3 males available – Bruiser, Verdi and Teal. Even running in this puppy pack, they are very responsive to us, sit to be fed (as a group!), and understand “Kennel up” when it is time to leave the human space for awhile. Bruiser is very confident and the first to go places – down the steps, off the deck, over the side of the whelping box lol But he is not “alpha assertive”, for all that. Teal is I think the handsomest and darkest golden. He weighed in at 25# Friday 2/7 at the vet, largest by 3# over Bruiser. Verdi is the lightest color yellow, and the most likely to just come sit at our feet, though he really likes playing tug of war with his brothers. Feel free to make a date to come visit.

  6. Hello,
    I am looking for a dog that can be an owner trained PTSD service dog. I have been looking for pups like your’s whose parents have OFA certification and have been socialized and used to other animals. The other characteristics I am looking for is an interest in learning and the ability to learn new tasks easily since he would be doing a lot of that. I like that Bruiser is confident but not alpha assertive. Is he still available? Or do you feel that one of the other pups would be a better match? Thank you!

    1. Sorry for the late reply. We had a daughter get married this weekend and things were kind of crazy. We have Verdi and Teal left for sale. Verdi is very calm and smaller than Teal. They just got their third round of shots and Verdi was 26.2 lbs and Teal was 36 lbs. Their mother is an excellent intuitive dog that show strong service attributes (she burst out of the kennel and jumped on the bed when my husband had an irregular heart beat. I hope this helps.

  7. I’ve been looking through your website and admiring your puppies.
    Do you have any males left from this litter?
    If not when do you have future litters planned?
    I am looking for a puppy to train as my mobility service dog, therapy work, occasional hunting, and beloved family member.
    All the best

    1. Hi Gene. We do have one male pup left available. His current name is Verdi (because he had a green collar and I couldn’t call him “green” lol. There are several photos of him on our page. He is the whitest of our males, and I actually thought given is docile temperment he would make a good therapy or service dog. He is very playful, and submissive to other animals on our farm and to us.

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